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Meet the Owner

I'm Crissi: daughter, mother, sister, aunt, friend, and entrepreneur. My love of baking began in high school, nurtured by a teacher named Mrs. Baker (true story). She recognized my talent and helped me flourish in the kitchen. My inspiration comes from my grandmother; my drive comes from my mom.


With SweetistryDessert Bar, I offer the ultimate in dessert decadence, along with an unforgettable experience in a dreamy atmosphere. My dessert bar is just the place for socializing, networking, and making memories while indulging in savory treats. From alcohol-infused to gluten-free/vegan desserts, custom flavors to classic favorites; I cater to all tastes and cravings. The unique chemistry between desserts and alcohol is always a winner with adults, but I also serve up kid-friendly sweet treats for younger dessert fans to experience. Now,  if you're a lover of naked cakes you're in luck because they're my specialty.


To find out more about Sweetistry Dessert Bar services and menus,                      .

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